Danilo Amendola

is a Telecommunication Engineer with Ph.D. in Information and Communications Technologies - ICT 
at DIET Dept. Sapienza University of Rome

Research interests: 
Communication Engineering, DTNs, Indoor Location/Occupancy Detection,
Sensor Networks, Physical Web  

More info: daniloamendola.itsites.google.com/site/daniloamendola/


[10.2015 - 02.2016] Ph.D. visiting student
at Distributed System group, Johann Bernoulli Institute
University of Groningen (UoG) [Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (RuG)]
Zernike campus - Groningen (The Netherlands)



Office address:

Room 101, first floor, D.I.E.T. Department, Faculty of Engineering
Sapienza Universy of Rome - San Pientro In Vincoli 
Via Eudossiana, 18.  00184, Rome, Italy.


Git and LaTex resources at my resources' page.







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