Broadband Communication Laboratory (BROADCOMLAB)


1. General information on the BroadComLab

  • Location: the laboratory of Broadband Communication Systems (BroadComLab) is located in room n° 101, at the first floor of the DIET Department of Sapienza University, Via Eudossiana n° 18, Building B, 00184 Rome
  • Main research area: broadband communication and computing systems
  • Web page: BroadComLab
  • Coordinator: Prof. Enzo Baccarelli
  • Permanent people: Prof. Enzo Baccarelli, Prof. Lorenzo Piazzo, Dr. Alireza Momenzadeh
A view of the BroadComLab at the DIET Department  of Sapienza University of Rome
A view of the BroadComLab at the DIET Department  of Sapienza University of Rome


2. Main research areas covered by the BroadComLab

  • Energy-saving 4G and 5G radio communication systems
  • Broadband wired communication systems
  • Green virtualised networking-computing infrastructures
  • Fog-assisted vehicular networking
  • Broadband networking  for the support of Big Data services
  • Fog-aided  broadband networking  for Industry 4.0 services
  • Networked Fog computing platforms for IoT applications
The logo of the BroadComLab
The logo of the BroadComLab


3. Main HW and SW equipments of the BroadComLab

  • Servers and PCs
  • Middle-size testbed for the emulation of Cloud and Fog computing platforms
  • Matlab, Opnet, Xen, VMM


4. Main research activities supported by the BroadComLab and related research projects

  • Design of WiMax  networking architectures (PRIN project “WOMEN”)
  • Design of hybrid 3G/4G communication systems for the support of QoS-demanding broadband multimedia services (PRIN project “WORLD”)
  • Design of Fog-supported broadband distributed networked computing architectures for the support of IoT applications (PRIN project: “GAUChO”)

5. Educational activity and support to the students at the BroadComLab 

Master and PhD students may carry out their Master and PhD thesis by leveraging the HW/SW equipments of the BroadComLab under the supervision of the corresponding permanent staff.


Educational activity at the BroadComLab
Educational activity at the BroadComLab


6. Available topics for Master theses




According to the topics covered by the research projects involving Enzo Baccarelli, in the sequel, it is reported a broad spectrum of arguments that are currently available for Master theses. The interested students may directly contact Enzo Baccarelli by sending an email to:

  • Internet-assisted vehicular Fog computing
  • Fog computing over wireless IP: system architectures and expected supported services
  • Live migration of Virtual Machines for real-time computing in wired Internet data centers
  • Green wireless sensor networks for the support of IoT services
  • IoT networking for the support of Industry 4.0 infrastructures
  • Cloud infrastructures for the support of Big Data stream computing
  • Next-generation 5G communication/computing systems: architectures for Cloud-based Radio Access Networks (5G C-RAN)
  • Energy-efficient resource management in Internet-based 5G wireless access networks
  • Self-organised networks in emerging 5G access infrastructures
  • Servers’ consolidation in energy-efficient data centers: targets and algorithms
  • Live migration of Virtual Machines over wireless 5G connections
  • The Netflix platform: supporting architectures and protocols
  • Multi-path TCP over 5G access networks: optimisation of the energy-performance
  • MPLS-based triple-play content delivery networks
  • The DAZN wholesale platform: supporting the broadband architecture and delivered services
  • L3VPN and VPLS atop MPLS-TE
  • Social networks of IoT devices

Scientific and logistic supports to the attending students are provided by the staff at the BroadComLab. The BroadComLab is sited at the first floor of the DIET Department, Via Eudossiana, n° 18, Rome. It is coordinated by Prof. Enzo Baccarelli. 

For further information, please, visit the web page of Prof. Enzo Baccarelli.


Enzo Baccarelli
Full Professor, Head of the BroadcomLab group

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Address: Department of Information Engineering, Electronics and  Telecommunications (DIET)
Sapienza University of Rome
Via Eudossiana, n° 18, 00184 Rome, Italy
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